Monday, January 16, 2006

Fun times 

There is something about walking around in a warm rain that makes me happy. Which is good since that is what we did last night for a couple hours, into the darkness of the night; questing to see lava erupting up from the local volcano (which we eventually saw as we prepared to hike out again). Awesome time. Poor BW was a bit cold, however, as the moron had no rain jacket or poncho. It worked out in the end, as we hit some local hot springs (contained in a resort and 10 pools, swim up bars (so nice!), expensiveness) to warm up before heading home. All in all, a wonderful time.

I would go into more detail, but I am tired and have to catch a bus at some point this morning. BW took off, our new friend K is still around somewhere. Gotta find her and say farewell. And finish packing.

Back to San Jose I go, today. A 4-5 hour bus ride I am told. The quiet time to sit with my music and ponder will be nice. I wonder what I will come up with, if anything.

Fun times are being had, no worries.

Need to find coffee

Stay tuned


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