Monday, December 12, 2005

Why I suck, as a blogger 

Well, it's pretty simple really. I don't have jack poo poo to say these days. Which is obvious from my lack of posting.

What have I been doing? Not much. My awake hours have shifted to my norm when I am back here: 4-5am until 9-11am is when I close my eyes and pretend to lose consciousness. It's cool. The late night is so quiet, and I get to avoid the early morning (the worst time of day). Which is nice

It boils down to me not have done much since I got here. Some job searching, went into the city (Chicago) and tried my darndest to get into trouble with my brother and a buddy of mine (didn't work. Or did it??).

Seems I may be doing some work at the end of this week, the day after going to sign some papers for another job that I will hopefully start next week. Could be gravy

I walked around a bit too. It's cold here in the Chicago area in December. In case you were wondering.

Promises come bursting out of my mouth in regards to the future posts I will put on here. Hopefully

Don't hold your breath....yet...

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