Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What's the lesson as always? I'm an idiot 

New Years is coming up. What better way to ring in a brand new year than to do something new and exciting. Like travel! Oofda

Yup, I'm going back out on the road. Thursday morning I am heading down to Florida to spend a couple days with a good buddy I haven't seen in a long while (and a night with another I haven't seen enough of). The new year will be rung in with some new faces, one recurring face; I have no doubt that my mug will be the oldest of the bunch.

Post new years I'll get in some camping. And then?

I'm leaving the country. Hold on, hold on! This jaunt is a (relatively) short one. I figure my international travel will be 4 weeks at most; more likely than not it'll only be a short 3 weeks.

Ya see, next month I embark upon a new decade in my life and I want to do something special to ring it in. I'm not feeling upset or worried or in any way aggrieved by this benchmark. Actually, I'm feeling rather amused by it. Something exciting and memorable is in order, however. Last year I was (more or less) in a Russian disco in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on(ish) my birthday. This year....it's a surprise. I'm still messing with plane tickets and visas and all the fun extras that come with the international scene and my final destination is not yet set in stone. Not until I get there. Suffice it to say, I'm hoping to come back with some good stories.

My return ticket from FL to IL is on Feb 1. Barring any unforseen (and expensive) scheduling conflicts and/or changes, I'll be back in time to run out to IN for a visit, get the Saturn road worthy, pack up and head out west.

Do I know where I'm headed?

As of 8 hours ago, a decision has been made. However, since it is subject to change I'll not blurt it out just yet. I'm a bit surprised by the decision, actually, as it's not the one I expected. But that's life, ya know? There's no predicting which way you're going to get tossed.

Sorry this blog has been so lame for months now, but when you have no activity (physical or brain) the creative juices don't really flow, nor do many thoughts. That will change. By the time I get back....watch out.

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