Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Um...what can I say? 

Have you ever googled yourself? Well, I just googled me and found some interesting stuff. First off, I had a post linked thru what appeared to be a wine connoisseur's website. Interested in how something I said could be linked to such a website, I ploughed forward to find out.

They must not have read what I wrote. It's probably tacky to post a link to my own site, but what the hell was going on? I haven't gone back and re-read the stuff I was blurting out while in Hawaii, but maybe I should. This post was pretty entertaining, and I'm not just saying that! The source of my inspirational blogging has been missing lately. Seeing what I am capable of spewing out makes me really want to find it. Perhaps only I am amused by such things (while others are left seriously questioning my sanity), but that's enough for me.

Whoa nelly

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