Thursday, December 08, 2005

Toes up 

Skitching to the edge of the precipice I look down at a nearly vertical face, choked with trees, bushes and rocks. The narrow chute is barely wide enough for my skis to fit cross ways. A flutter makes its way around my inner linings, inducing a brief moment of light-headedness (euphoria).

For a brief second I consider finding an easier way; a less clogged path down to wider less bone-threating pastures.

Instead, I listen to the adreneline and suck it up. And jump off, leaping my way down thru the chute, feeding off the increasing rush of energy that comes from the rushing wind and the thrill of conquest.

Every border I crossed, every plane, bus, car, bicycle, scooter and boat I used to traverse various countries evoked a similar feeling. Adreneline; brief bouts of self-doubt; taking the 'scariest' way, if only to prove it possible.

Now it begins once more; should I have this cup of coffee and read or watch a movie, or wander around the neighborhood in the chill night air, thru the fresh 6 inches of snow on the ground? I think my chosen path is known....or is it?

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