Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh, Canada! 

Welcome back to me, tomorrow.

Wait. Not yet

Back in Seattle is where I am. Arrived this afternoon after a few days in Vancouver. Some highlights of my time in the Great White North:

My hostel the first night was quite quite sketchy. Well, not the hostel itself but the area around and for certain the cracked-out looking crazy yellin' folks. A bit extreme. I asked the hostel owner where I could park-he pointed out an hourly surface lot and said parking on the street was free from 8pm to 9am; just take my stuff out of the back seat and I should be fine. "Sounds perfect to me!" Perfectness ended when I went out to feed the meter (so that I could have a leisurely breakfast and coffee) and found one of the back windows busted out. Great. The ONE time I rent a car and don't get insurance! They're going to send me a bill. The general consensus among the hostel owners as well as other random Canadians I met over the weekend, is that it was most likely due to the US license plates (a very inexpensive little car with nothing in it); anti-US sentiment. Nice. Although, perhaps someone was wanting to check out the trunk or sit in out of the cold for a bit. Who knows. All I know, is that's an expenditure I didn't need. So it goes

Vancouver is a very large place

It was cold and alternatively rainy and snowy.

I can drive in traffic again.

Um, there is a beautiful looking mountain range on the north side of the river. However, it was mostly covered with snow or fog the entire time I was there, so I didn't get much of a look at it

$0.99 (CAN) slices of pizza are awesome!

The exchange rate from US to CAN is not so awesome (1:1.1)

No polar bear or igloo sightings. I looked


get the cheap slices in ny. they're tastier. in vancouver you have to go to the hot dog stands. fresh grilled veggie dogs. large and cheap.
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