Monday, December 19, 2005


For the love of some higher deity!

All I was asking was for some sort of (pretend) purpose to my life. I was supposed to head out on the road today and begin my very short-lived career as a professional driver. However, upon my calling this AM, I was informed that while I am ther premiere driver in the world, there are no cars available for transport. Call back this afternoon. Long story short, I'm plunged back into idle uselessness; to meandering in circles around the house; muttering to myself; brain inactivity, which is not useful when major life decisions are required.

I woke up feeling as though I'd be DOING something today. I tell ya what-vacations are great, traveling is awesome, but sitting around broke and pointless makes for suffering. This job seemed perfect because the company would lose no money training me, the amount I'd work is pretty flexible (or could be, if cars would arrive that need moving), and doing this short term is no problem for anyone. Where else could I get hired on for a couple/few weeks without lying to the employer? Blast!

Even though the temperature outside is something like -450 degrees F, maybe I'll reshingle the garage. Or clean out the gutters. Hell, maybe I'll try to pump air into my bicycle tires and go for a ride.

I've had either too much coffee today or my blood is finally moving again (only to be SHUNTED by the lack of work today!). The sweat is pouring off of me into a stinky pool in this chair. Outside is a frosty 1 degree or so. In a t-shirt, flannel pants and sandals I stood outside and didn't notice the cold (granted I was only out there for a couple minutes).

Well, my bucket's got a hole in it! My bucket's got a hole in it. My bucket's got a hole in it! I can't buy no beer!!

Splunge. Times 10

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