Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No, I'm not bored 

I googled me by my name this time, under the 'images' search option. I won't link to the picture that came up, because I don't know about copyrights and all that. A picture came up that could have been me? Ok, maybe not.

The really disappointing bit is that even with the 'safesearch' turned off, nothing more showed. Seems my name doesn't work well for porn stars. Bummer.

The lights are flickering and the hanging Santa decorations (he looks like an irish elf with a beard and blood red cheeks dancing a jig midair) are wandering around. My mom just lost her balance and fell over, and my sister was overcome by gravity and smarshed into her manfriend. I'm still sitting but the chair broke.

Earthquake? Could be.

Gravitational anomaly. An unexplained localized increase in the Earth's gravitational pull. For some reason these incidents occur in my general area when I've been drinking.

One of those anomolies grabbed me on New Years Eve. Pulled me along a wall, into a few pictures and then down to the ground. I was told this, I don't actually remember it. Happy New Years!

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