Friday, December 09, 2005

Jobby job #1 

This could be good, my little ones (or quite bad, but we won't think about that).

A Professional Driver. That could be my title as of the middle of next week. I'm going in for a sort of interview and to sign papers.

No, this does not involve me cleaning up and prancing around in a monkey suit, shuttling around the elite to their fancy balls and galas. No limos, taxis or services of that sort (I don't think).

Basically, it's a glorified valet. Only the cars go from perhaps one state to another. A nation-wide service. Don't worry, it sounds as though the potential to earn cash is there. All it will take on my part is dedication and hard work (i.e.-tons of driving).

Yes, this completely flies in the face of what I've been spouting off about wanting, stability and a home base and all that. But it's temporary. A month or more, no more than two. Partly, the length of my employment there will depend on how long it takes me to burn myself out. If I drive all day everyday for a couple/few weeks, that oughta do it. Then I can work on getting stable. Right now there are still too many undecideds to make that settling step.

Since I'll be in the car all the time, I should get some language tapes and get fluent-like in something. Maybe I'll download hours and hours of spanish instruction onto my ipod (you never know if cars will have anything, much less a tape deck and/or cd player) and come out of this smarter and slightly less impoverished.

Bring it on. I'm ready. No more prancing around doing nothing and getting no where (like the last month or so).

Let's do this

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