Friday, December 16, 2005

I am employed! 

My title is 'Professional Driver'. Which only makes sense as I am the best driver around. Or so they say.

Monday will be my first day, my first assignment, my first go around as a PD. No idea where I'll be sent off to, but I am sure it will be mega-important.

You want to know what exactly this job entails? Well, um, basically I am a valet with a cool name. And the cars will get valeted anywhere in the US or possibly Canada. Pretty contrary to what I've spouted about wanting to settle in somewhere, eh? Yeah, I know. My stomach clenched up as I was signing the papers. It'll only be for a couple/few weeks so hopefully I'll make some cash and then crash somewhere. That's my plan anyway.

While I was signing papers, my new boss asked me if I have friends and/or family anywhere else in the US. I replied in the pository and she made a large note of the states where I know people. Which means y'all need to watch out because I may come rumbling thru and say howdy!

Or I'll get tired of this work in a week and be done with it by Christmas. You never can tell! It's not designed as a career job, and turnover appears to be relatively high for my position. Perfect, as that is what I need.

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