Thursday, November 03, 2005

Welcome to SF 

That's right, I am in San Francisco yesterday. My plane touched down around 3pm (I didn't miss it, tho the Powers of Darkness from the night before tried to thwart me) and I grabbed BART into the city.

As I rode the escalator up into the sunlight I was listening to the Young Dubliners version of Amazing Grace (bagpipes and all. Quite cool). A smile popped onto my face as I felt, once again, as though I was embarking on yet more adventures. And I wondered what would happen next.

I did not have to wait long. As I reached street level I found myself between some anti-Iraq war protestors and a police squad in riot gear; they had shields up and batons out at the ready. And they were barking out some sort of moral supportive chant. The protestors took this opportunity to break out a megaphone and chant louder.

I joined in with the onlookers and giggled along at the madness.

San Francisco. What a strange (but awesome) city!

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