Friday, November 04, 2005

Welcome back, Tolliver 

Anyone remember Tolliver? I had forgotten about him, but I think he popped back in to say hello.

Yesterday I found myself wandering into Chinatown, here in San Francisco. As Mi cuerpo entered the China hood my stomach began to make strange rumblings and the sweat started up. As progress was made further and further into the heart of the neighborhood, the situation became more and more dire. By the time we passed out the far side (I'd barely taken notice or enjoyed any of the familiar smells, crowds, pushing, noises, chatter due to my intense concentration on not soiling myself. But it was very much like being back in China. Only quieter and less polluted) emergency status had been reached. Dashing into a nearby Irish bar I bypassed the bar, the Guinness, and the wait staff and found temporary relief.

Back outside. Two blocks away we entered the City Lights bookstore. I rushed back out and over to the mexican restaurant next door where I purchased a burrito in order to become a customer and gain entrance to their bathroom. The problem that arose next was not that I now had a bean and cheese burrito (very good, actually) that I had no need of, but that an all too familiar ache was penetrating my guts. At least I didn't have to make any more bathroom dashes, I just found myself a bit hunched over. And headed back to the hostel prematurely.

The aches subsided the further the bus got from Chinatown, but it was all to reminiscent of giardia. I seem to be doing ok today, but it was an uncomfortable hour or so. Ah well. I guess Tolliver heard and smelled the Asian-ness of the area and got excited about possibly getting some new friends.

I'll keep you posted as to my stomach's progress...

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