Monday, November 14, 2005

Wedding Crashers 

Saw this movie today, for $2. I'm glad I didn't pay more. Rumor had it this was a riotously funny movie. I didn't see it. I felt like it went on forever, and the laughs were far in-between. And don't get me started on the cliche following closely on the heels of the previous cliche (Hollywood movie-type cliches).

Don't get me wrong, I like stupid humor and I've really liked the other movies these guys have done. In a way, it seemed like they sold out and were banking on their current following to make some cash.

Or it's me, and I'm losing my sense of humor (I've wondered now and then).

Whatever the reason, when Vince Vaughn poured himself some scotch or whiskey, I was jealous. Sorry, I can't give it a thumbs-up. I will make a recommendation for them: if you're making a funny movie, make it funny. Don't switch half-way thru and try to make it a romance, with horrid jokes tossed in at random.

Case in point-the final scene. Huh? That was not only silly (in a bad way), but it followed in the footsteps of how many movies that have climaxed the same way? The Graduate, yeah, it worked. Leave it there.

At least it was a beautiful day and I got to do some hiking, real actually hiking-and in the city!, and sit in the sun for a while looking out over the trees of many colors around Portland. Quite nice

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