Thursday, November 24, 2005

South Park. The movie 

Just watched it. How's that for Thanksgiving Eve celebrations? Only my sister and I are the only ones who made it thru without falling asleep. Good times

It's foggy outside. Exciting, eh? And the kitten is sitting on my head again. What can you do? She's pretty darn cute.

What's new in life these days...let's review. Not too much. Had a great time in Portland, met some amazing people and loved the place. I made it up to Seattle in time to have Thanksgiving with my little sister, which is awesome. Haven't seen her in 9 months or so. My birthday is 2 months from yesterday (I think. I still am not doing too well keeping the days straight). The big 3-0. Gotta figure out what I am going to do for that.

The news continues to frustrate me; the happenings in the world that is. Ski season is upon us, and I have no idea when/if I'll get to ski. It's harder now, ya know, with the 'sport' going more and more upscale (i.e.-exclusive) every year. Not an affordable past-time for most of us anymore. One day I'll get backcountry gear so that I can cut free from the money-hungry corporate run areas and wander off into the wild and enjoy skiing for the skiing, not the 'atmosphere' (which actually turns me off of skiing, to tell you the truth).

I thought I had other rambling diatribes to jot down here, but nothing comes to mind right now. Bummer.

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all. Enjoy the day and be glad and all that

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