Monday, November 07, 2005

San Fran 

Always an interesting place.

Went to the Green Festival yesterday morning. It was awesome! The turnout was tremendous which is great for the cause, but terrible for those of us who can't seem to deal with crowds and get hit with claustrophobia. Ah well. It was worth it.

What is a green festival? Kind of what it sounds like-a gathering of people and ideas that are environmentally conscious. Let me explain.

To live and think green is to live and think more 'naturally'. There were booths about Fair Trade goods; hemp clothing; sweat shop-free clothing; organic food and clothes; alternative energy sources (i.e.-solar, wind); health foods and teas and lotions; yoga; literature; green investing, companies, lawyers, etc.; recycling and recycled building material; and much more. Later on I'll try to add more links. The stack of literature I brought home has not been completely perused yet.

It was awesome. The people attending were incredibly varied in age, dress and lifestyle (sorry to you naysayers who might call this a hippy-fest. Sure there were 'hippies' (whatever that means, exactly), but they were not nearly the majority group to be expected, especially in a city like San Francisco). Not only that, everyone seemed to be in a good mood (tons of free samples I'm sure didn't hurt that) and were quite friendly. A great atmosphere all around.

Unfortunately, this festival only went to Washington DC and San Francisco. It would be quite interesting to see how it would fare in other parts of the country.

An exciting and hope-instilling day to say the least. Except for the crowd. I still can't manage to deal with them yet (fortunately, the people I went with are the same way in crowds so none of us felt like freaks for taking refuge under a staircase to get a breather.).

Check out the links and look for me to post more on here. Very interesting stuff.

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