Friday, November 25, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving wrap up 

Turkey day has come and gone and I sitt here, no longer b-l-oated. Yes, I over ate yesterday as most were wont to do, as an inclusionary act into the holiday. My fare of overindulgence happens to be biscuits and mashed taters. My performance was sub-par with years past, thanks is large part to stunting my eating these last couple of years. When your budget is limited you (well, I, anyway) tend to eat less. Ignoring the Italian-ness in my blood was a hard road to traverse and made life tough at first, but now I've come to accept my reduced gorge-ability. Not necessarily a bad thing. All it means is that it took less food to leave me groaning and rolling around trying to breath over the excess of food in my gut. Unfortunately, unlike some people whose stomachs swell to accomodate extra food, mine does not. The food builds upon itself and rises higher and higher up my torso.

Enough of the gory details. I made it thru the night, that is enough to suffice. Before passing out on my sis's futon we took in a viewing of 'Old School'. Good times. Laughing uproariously did not help my situation but being the plucky lad I am, I made it thru.

The day itself was pretty uneventful, filled with multiple trips to the nearby Safeway, reading, vacant staring at computer screens, music and cooking.

And rain.

Silliness on the part of my sis. The Ambiguous Foreign Girl.

My feet smell

Something is tugging at me and wanting to burst but I can't tap into what it is.


Maybe it is your brain saying it is tired of being on vacation and ready to be challenged?!
Anonymous....you said it. I gotta agree with that assessment. Time for me to stop wallowing in slothicity...
I vote for you to become a foreign correspondent for BBC…
A foreign correspondent, eh? That could be quite fun. Not sure if the BBC would hire me on, however. I don't have the wacky accent
Well then, write for them! And replace all the "z"s with "s".
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