Sunday, November 13, 2005

Portland is cool 

Got here a few days ago on a bus trip that was mind-bogglingly crazy. That will be its own full-length post when I am more awake.

For now, however, I will say that I really like Portland even though it's been raining every day. Neat city, great people and fun (so far). I'm staying with a buddy, the guy I paddled thru Laos with, and his 4 roomates (all girls). It is a crazy fun house and the energy level here is mad high and it's tough to keep up. But it's fun to try. I'm told there are maountains nearby but the visibility due to the rain clouds is such that I haven't seen them yet. One day...

Here's something I like about this place: I don't feel so outsiderish amongst the people I've been meeting. Restaurants have not only vegetarian options, but also vegan ones (some places). And being a vegetarian, as I am on most occasions, is not a laughable pursuit. Neither is recycling, composting, reusing ziplock bags, extensive international travel....it's nice. Overall, I find my lifestyle and approach to life is more common out here than it seemed in other domestic places. Sometimes it's nice to feel as though you belong, ya know?

Although it still seems out of whack to be wearing the same clothes day after day. It's a harder gig to get away with when you are not hitting a new city every day or 3. Ah well. Thank god for places like Goodwill and Salvation Army. Got me some new duds for very little caish.

Time for a np. Maybe then I'll begin the recounting of the bus ride up here...

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