Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mounting a volcano 

As far as I can tell, today is Wednesday. Which means yesterday was not. That was the day I left Portland and made my way to Seattle. A simple trip, for once. No drama en route, easily found my sister's place (which is amazing. Her knack for giving directions has sometimes been a bit suspect), and am having a lazy morning drinking coffee while she is in class. Hehe

However, last Saturday was exciting. I went snowshoing on Mt. Hood! Well, not up to the peak or along the ski trails, but along its flanks. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect temperature, and a great hiking group. Except for the girl that shrieked and screamed....pretty much continuously. That doesn't do much for the solitude of nature, but so it goes. It's a wild state, I tell ya. After driving thru lush forests, we eventually broke out into high mountain terrain. Ah! It was quite nice to be back out in nature, shuffling along and falling now and then into the scrunchy snow. Brought back a lot of memories. Most of the day my brain sorta tuned out the scenery and focused on trying to figure out life: where to live, what to do for now to get money, birthday plans, etc. In a way, the wayward squealing was a nice distraction!

Think my mom would freak out if I pretend to have pierced that middle part of my nose?

me, of all people, will tell you septum piercings are absolutely disgusting.
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