Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Portland 

Yesterday was a nice day. The sun was out again and the temperature, while not perfect, was close. 40-50ish. A beautiful day to get out and walk. Which I did. All day long. I'm staying in the southeast part of the city and my destination yesterday, the Japanese Garden in Washington Park, is quite a bit west. No matter, I enjoyed the walk.

The garden was a bit pricey ($6.75) but was very nice and very relaxing. Not only that, but the view let me see quite clearly (for the first time) Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Quite breathtaking. The view of Hood on the far side of Portland reminded me of the view of Mt. Fuji over in Tokyo. Not that I've ever been to Tokyo, or Japan for that matter. But I've seen Godzilla. And pictures of the city. No large amphibians were to be seen in yesterday's vista, thank goodness, just a massive snow-covered peak rising into the air. A view different than the mountain views I'm used to because Hood is not ringed with other peaks but stands alone (or so it seemed to me). Mt St Helens was also quite spectacular, though the peak (or what's left of it) was wreathed in clouds or mist or escaping volcanic coolness. Whatever the case, I sat and gazed for a long while.

Then came the chaos. After stopping at Baja Fresh for some burrito refreshment, I made my way into Powell's bookstore. Krist almighty that place was awesome. It was all I could do to contain my drool and not spend my remaining money on books. I managed to escape with 'only' 6 books ($40). I swear that place had every book imaginable! I was quite happy, and further laden with writing filled papers. I won't even tell you how many books I am carrying now (in fact I can't say, because I refuse myself the right to count.).

A natural disaster must be approaching out here since I am here, and perhaps we can make guesses as to what it will be. My guess is a volcanic eruption. The question is, which volcano will it be?

A great article was sent to me yesterday, basically dealing with the question of whether or not greed is good. An interesting article and I have thoughts on it. If I continue sitting inside today (I feel as though I deserve a day of rest after a couple days of walking around...) perhaps I'll try and post something about it. The article at least. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Right now I need to eat something. So I'm going to do that. Excuse me

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