Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More new perspectives 

It's expensive in this country! Not only to live, but to eat and travel and get around. Especially without a vehicle of your own. Man! It's rough, I tell you what!

It's quite interesting to be seeing life here through the eyes of people who are living paycheck to paycheck on a good day. I've been to San Francisco before. But now I am seeing it thru the eyes of people with almost no money. Barely enough money to buy food and sleep somewhere indoors. I'm feeling the stresses inherent in this struggle; where can I afford to sleep tonight? Shite, there isn't anywhere. How am I going to get to somewhere else? How am I going to eat? Etc

Granted, my savings are still holding out enough so that these pains are more out of empathy than anything else. The difference between seeing things here with working engineers and professionals is quite a different story from what I am seeing now.

More to make you think. It's tough. Very tough to live this way. And hard to really understand without going thru it (my understanding, again, is a little peripheral).

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