Friday, November 18, 2005

Hypocrisy. I love it 

Isn't it great that a nation as great at ours can stand upright, look a world governing body (like the UN) in the eye, and say: "Nah, we don't need to play by the rules. Sorry." (That is paraphrased, of course)

Despite the fact that we insist that all other countries must abide by the UN's laws and dictates, our leaders have no qualms about showing, once again, that they feel they are above the laws all others must be subject to (Kyoto Treaty, International Tribunal, etc).

Once again, I am talking about the refusal to allow UN staff into Guantanamo Bay to inspect conditions there. One reason given is that the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) has already done so. However:

The UN experts maintain that the ICRC's monitoring is very different.

The ICRC as a matter of policy does not make its findings on humanitarian conditions public in order to preserve access to prisons that may otherwise be closed to them.

The UN experts, in contrast, are mandated to investigate allegations of human rights breaches and report publicly to the UN General Assembly and the world body's top watchdog, the Human Rights Commission.

If some other country tried this, would we accept this as a valid excuse? Not likely. Hm. I wonder why people don't like us?

Maybe I can explain it like this. Gitmo is USA property. We would no longer allow them to inspect YOUR home, than we would allow this anti-American body of thieves and rapists who cannot even determine that genocide is occurring in Darfur step one foot on our soil.

BTW, we do not support the Kyoto Treaty for several good reasons. We do not expect any other country to do so, either. However, we do not interfere with their decisions.

You should really take a good look around you. If you lived in Iran, you would be in jail right now for writing this. I thank God you are not. If you do not believe in God, I am grateful you are not. :)
My rebuttal.

First, I am confused as to how the US govt can own a piece of another country. We own some of Cuba? Makes no sense to me.

The UN has no cause to search my home; I am not holding foreign nationals in prison, many having had no charges levied against them. If they are not 'worthy' of stepping on our soil, why are we a member? Why 'allow' them to take any action anywhere? My complaint is the hypocrisy. We press for Uzbekistan, Darfur, Iran, and North Korea (among others) to let the UN in to see what's going on, what has happened. That is ok for these other places, but not in the 'US'?

If the UN is anti-American, why is the US a member? I think it's an ineffectual body, for the most part, but calling them a "body of thieves and rapists" is a bit extreme (and unfounded).

Kyoto-point conceded. I should have come up with a fitting example.

I have taken a look around me. And I've taken a look around in other countries. I am very very grateful that I have the freedoms I have, and am glad I am not in jail. Jusdt because I find fault with the country, our culture, the govt and way of life here doesn't mean I don't know or appreciate all the many freedoms I have. BUT, questioning things in no way makes me un-American or unappreciative. Questioning things is necessary. Ignoring any faults (yes, the US has many) does not improve anythingm, but allows further disintegration to happen. As I've said before, assuming that our way is "better than any other" does not free us from the responsibility of trying to be better.
The last time I heard of a country not allowing the UN to do it's inspection, we bombed them (Iraq), kicked our their leader (who was a jerk) and forced our way of living on them. Good thing we are the super power and do not have to worry about that! Whew!

The nuclear power plants were Saddam's property, therefore, this excuse of "it's US property" is absolutely hypocritical and ridiculous. Dosen't prove any point as far as I can tell.

Just because our country is a nice place to live DOES NOT JUSTIFY everything we do. Just because we have it better than other people DOES NOT EXCUSE US OF SELF-CRITISIM. Just because we have more freedoms than most DOES NOT MEAN THERE ISN'T ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.
Well said, Anonymous (or are you?). Especially your last passage.

Your reference to the ouster of a UN snubbing bad guy is interesting. Just the other day I found myself surrounded by a conversation that brought back into the light the passage in the United States constitution that entitles the people of said country to rise up (armed) to fight their own govt if they get out of control. Interesting. Not that I am saying we need that. I'm just saying that is a drastic step so let's not villify those who choose to look critically at this country of ours; said action being a very difficult thing to do. But necessary both on a grand scale (the country) but also small scale (personally)
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