Monday, November 14, 2005


There were a couple details about the bus ride up from Oakland that I forgot to inlcude in my earlier post. Not all that exciting, but I felt bad leaving them out. They got lonely and wanted to be a part of the fun. What could I do?

When we stopped to switch drivers, the new driver came on and quite gruffly told me to grab all my stuff and get off the bus. There were only a couple of us on there, and the guy a couple seats back asked if that was everyone. His response was a very menacing "no". Off I went. As soon as my feet hit the pavement, he began going off on me for harassing and threatening another passenger. It may have been phrased questioningly, but the tone made it clear that there was no question in his mind. I vainly began to defend myself to deaf ears, until the Middle Eastern kid spoke up and let him know that it wasn't me. "Oh," he said. No apology was forthcoming but he let me back on the bus. Nice.

A few people on the bus assumed I was heading to Washington. Why? I have no idea. They said that I looked like I was from there. I decided not to ask for any elaboration on what that meant (I have a good friend from Washington. He's old and bald and bitter. I didn't think I fit that description but maybe I do?)

I told myself today that I need to not only begin exercising again (yeah right. How many times have I vowed that in the last year?), but I need to stop sleeping 8-10 hours a night. It's silly. Late up I am, up early I will attempt to be. Gots lots to figure out, might as well stop the sleep excesses which only serve to block the workings of my brain.

A problem with this theory just arose in my stomach. I'm hungry. Food is expensive, and if I start eating many meals a day that'll be more money out of my pocket. Tough decisions.

Speaking of money, does anyone in the Chicago area have any work, or know of any seasonal work available? I need to make some money and will be back in the area for the holiday and could use some leads...

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