Sunday, October 16, 2005

Will wonders never cease? 

Hello USA!
That's right, I'm back!
Almost exactly 48 hours after getting onto the airport shuttle in Bangkok, I knocked on my cousin's door in Denver and collapsed shortly thereafter
15 hours on assorted planes followed immediately by 22 on a bus. A long day, to say the least
My first stop upon arriving in Denver was to pass by Illegal Pete's and get a gorgeous veggie burrito. The workers got a kick out of my backpacks and my tales, while the people there couldn't have looked more quizzically upon me
I've been hiding out the last couple days, but today I'm coming out and am going to start trying to be social
Readjusting is going to be very tough; my first effort will be to change my attitude and be more positive
Yet vigilant
China Airlines rocks, tho the second plane was uncomfortable as hell
Fremont Street in Vegas at 3am was more dead than I expected. Thank gods
White people scare me, and being able to understand all that is being said around me is disconcerting.
More to come later. For now I am off to the store with my cousin
But I bought a pair of jeans and a quilted flannel from the resale shop yesterday so I have new duds. Exciting
Start emailing me to let me know when/where you want to buy me a beer so I can make a list and prioritize (hehe)
Tomorrow I go by my old place of employment. That is going to be a trip

I'd offer to buy you a Jamison, but I have a feeling that would be frowned upon...
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