Monday, October 17, 2005

Time to break into it 

I've never been one to do things the easy way. Too stubborn and thick-headed, ya know?

After over a year out of the country I am back in the place that was my home (quite literally) for a number of years. I broke back into the swing slowly (for a day) by staying with my cousin and catchign up on sleep before reintroducing myself to society.

Yesterday I came back to the old house to stay with my buddy (who bought the place, bless his beer-sodden soul). Then I headed downtown and met up with R for dinner. Quite strange. After 5 years of dating, 6 months since I last saw her, and a couple months since really talking to her, it was a bit strange to say the least. Great to see her, of course. No more will get said here. I can't blurt out all that is in me for public viewing! Damn voyeurs.

Suffice it to say, she didn't find one of my jokes amusing at all. The one where I said: "I have some uncomfortable news as well. I'm engaged."

Don't worry, I didn't let that one hang any longer than perhaps a second. Surprisingly, she didn't laugh. Huh. At least I think I'm funny.

And today I am heading to my old place of employment to shock and awe; probably myself more than my old co-workers. I can't anymore really imagine what my life there was like way back when, and it should be a bit...something to go there again.

So you see, after pretending to ease back into things, I've decided to turn and try and shock myself as quickly as possible. So far it's...going. Being back is tough for so many reasons, but also quite exciting. A cornucopia of emotions if you will.

What is next? Good question...

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