Friday, October 21, 2005

Perhaps I have a chance 

I've been gone a while and for the last months I've kept my head in the sand about politics and the news and the like. So help me out here.

Bush puts up for nomination to the Supreme Court a woman with no experience as a judge. Reading this article about the 'undersecretary of state for public diplomacy' visiting Jakarta (to make the US seem like a nice person), I find myself a tad confused. First, actions speak louder than words, so can one person rambling the world saying nice things about us really make that big a difference (certainly not more of a difference than the US say, not pushing our way of life on countries around the world)?

But I digress

The article states:

Hughes is a close confidante and image-shaper of Bush with no previous experience in foreign diplomacy other than accompanying him abroad during trips in the first years of his presidency.

Is this really the most logical choice to fill the position? Someone with no experience in foreign dimplomacy?

Me thinks I should go hang out in the White House, get buddy-buddy with Dubya, and see what position I can wrangle for myself. As it seems experience isn't the most important qualification...

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