Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not again.... 

A day ago (I think) the island of Koh Chang witnessed my arrival. This place is...interesting. The Lonely Planet guidebook quoted a forestry official (this is a National Park island. Which in theory, means no building...) as saying that they want to build this island up and make it a place where: "..backpackers won't be welcomed".

They are well on their way. To say I feel/look like a scrub compared to most people here would be accurate. Well, that and most people here are old, young, middle-aged white men on vacation with their young Thai 'girlfriends". What this means is that these guys found a Thai girl (hooker, bar girl, whatever. Semantics) and brought her here on vacation. An expensive way to pick up a hooker to say the least. This is by far the highest concentration of this kind of 'couple' that I've seen anywhere in Asia. It's pretty sad and sick. Most of the time the Thai girl is walking 10-20 feet ahead of the guy, and looking very bored. The guy usually is carrying a backpack and handing her money to buy stuff as she requests it.

If you want a hooker, fine. But why stretch it out over a long weekend? Especially when the girl rarely speaks much english and you both look miserable the entire time? Odd. I don't get it.

On to other things. It seems (with one week left in Asia) that my stomach has decided to take on a little visitor and knock me silly. Have I mentioned how much I love this sort of thing? I spent most of today in bed, curled up and bemoaning my cruel fate. I've got some aches which typically would indicate a fever, but my forehead does not concur with this assessment. Regardless, I don't appreciate this condition. Hopefully tomorrow sees a reversal of this predicament, but the past doesn't make me all that hopeful. Very little food today, but I am quite well hydrated if nothing else.

The place I sat in all day is a ramshackle beach almost hut. It's on stilts, more or less, and looks as though it will collapse at any time. I'll get pics, don't worry. There is a hammock on the deck (and two chairs, but who wants to sit in those when there is a hammock!) and the neighboring bars ewre playing Dr Dre and Snoop earlier. Clapton was jamming when I left.

Peace out, I'm going to head back and curl up now...

No, I have not named this little bug yet. We have to see if he lasts the night before he is worthy of a moniker all his/her own

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