Monday, October 03, 2005

Next country, please 

Not that I would prefer to be in Thailand over Laos (just came up with a killer idea for an adventure the next time I come back here. And it involves buying another boat....), but my visa is over and I gots to go (or it's $10US a day, and that's too rich for my unemployed blood).

On this our last morning we ran across a great little coffee shop and a beer garden (we had coffee, but I was made to see that having a beer (draft Beerlao! I've never had it draft-style!!) at 9am is not the healthiest of decisions); it's good to leave on a happy note. All I need to do now is find me a bag of Lao coffee to bring with me. Better do that since our ride to the border leaves in half an hour.

As my time here grows shorter, I am getting more and more excited to get home. The thoughts of what lays ahead makes me happy but some of it also scares the shite out of me. This might help to explain the insanity of my dreams the last week or so. Almost every night I wake up from some nightmarish escapade.

On another random note, eating breakfast this morning was a stressful event. Some chick behind me (working for an NGO) was talking way too intensely and fast and all that for 730am. Besides, her view of working here to "help people" is a bit skewed. Since they don't live here like we do in the western world, she is frustrated by it and by the unwillingness of the people here to really listen and start living "as they should". Hm. God forbid a people be happy living in a way differently than she is used to. Being 'advanced' doesn't necessarily = happy. Oof. I am in a mood today. I'm ready to get into it. My brain feels as though the dormancy it's suffered thru lately has slagged off. And I'm ready....

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