Sunday, October 02, 2005

Moving on (again) 

Yesterday was a day without travel. Spent on a smaller island down south where the pace of life was quite non-existent. I spent hours sitting on the deck of the guesthouse (second floor, overlooking some houses and fields, and a glimpse of the river beyond)(I was sitting there because it was entirely too hot (approximately 9,000 degree; F or C, doesn't matter) to do anything but) reading my book (Don Quixote. Very amusing and quite enjoyable. Tho also quite heavy) and taking in life.

Barely a soul moved about. No traffic, just the occasional scooter or bicycle. Random school age kids going home, wandering about, some brave souls playing soccer (I thought to join in. Not that I have even one soccer skill, but I am bigger than they all were so thought I might stand a chance. Had a Beerlao instead). It was great and very relaxing. I was even glad a wind or breeze stirred not, as it added to the peace of the place.

That was yesterday. Today began with a ride on a sawngthaew (pick-up type vehicle wqith 3 benches inside and a roof) that was jam packed full of people. My leg was twisted causing my knee much pain. Feet crushed both of mine for much of the ride. It began to rain and since there are no sides, we got wet until they stopped to wrap tarps around. My bladder filled, hunger grew out of the lack of breakfast fooding, and my allergies continued to plague me. But still I smiled and enjoyed the comedy of it all. Besides, at least I wasn't in a cubicle!!

Due to a lack of reliable (cheap) transportation, my last day in Laos will most likely be tomorrow. Don't feel bad for me, however. A beach in Thailand will console me until I get my opportunity to fly away. I plan to get there, and not move from the town until I head off to the airport. And I am looking forward to it after 2 weeks of almost solid travel, and much more to come.

Hot hot hot hot hot

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