Friday, October 28, 2005

Mind boggling 

Denver sports drive me nuts. Or should I say, the rabid obsession with them by the people, media, etc.

The local news last night I watched. Unwittingly, for the first time since I've been back. I made it thru the forst two stories and then had to turn the tv off so as not to disturb the neighbors with my cursing.

I understand that local news will focus more on local news and ignore worldy stuff. I pretend to accept that. But when the top two damn stories are about:

1. A Denver Bronco getting into a car wreck and
2. An Avalanche player...doing something,

that is just ridiculous. Is there really nothing of greater importance than these stupid f*cking sports teams? How about this controversial vote coming up in regards to a tax refund/money to the state govt (or something like that. I don't live here right now so I am not paying attention? Or a possible serial rapist? Or ANYthing other than these stupid sports teams!

Seriously, does this seem ludicrous to anyone else? This is worse than the one other time I started watching local news and they spent minutes talking about the upcoming lottery.

My readjustment to life here has been....harsh, to say the least and is far from being close to complete. Seeing topics such as these take top priority on the news makes my head spin. It would be nice if the biggest concerns we had in life were 'issues' such as these. But that's not the case.

I can't wait for the day that John Elway runs for some public office and receives every single vote. My guts will hurt from laughing at the blind absurdity of Broncos fans (some, not all, of course. But a vast majority). (Don't laugh. Ask an impartial observer who lives in Denver about the Elway issue and they'll probably agree)

That is my rant for the day. For now at least.

The first Greyhound back to Denver was full-up (at 830am. I shoulda stayed in bed) so now I'm drinking coffee and sitting on the internet (Steaming Bean Coffee Co. in Silverthorne, CO. Cool place) waiting to head back over to Frisco for the 330pm bus. I hope it's got at least one seat open, and that I get it!

I completely agree! Talking about some loser Bronco player or some idiotic Avalanche moron is such a waste of time. I mean, come on now. The White Sox are the freaking World Series champions!!! That is definitely more important. If they have covered that too much there is always the Bears and their upcoming battle for sole posession of first place with Detroit. Those Denver news people are just silly.

You're right, Tarzan, how dare the local news only cover local stories that people might actually be interested in.. God forbid that they actually use up the rest of 30 minute broadcast with those other local stories. But you wouldn't know that since you turn it off after the first 5 minutes.
I mean, come on! Those village people in Cambodia talk about the Iraq war every day. They also want to know everything about North Korea, Iran and China's nuclear power programs.. AND, they're definitely interested in the latest tennis match between Venus and Sharapova.
Come to think of it, why doesn't the nighborhood newsletter talk about those things? Why does the Wash Park Newsletter only focus on things like sidewalk repairs and new dumpsters in the alleys?
You want world news, watch CNN or BBC. Or, good heavens, open a newspaper to the world section. There's always the internet news sites?
Or, maybe you just need to work on watching the whole local program before you get all huffy puffy..
I realize that the local news will focus on local issues and happenings, and I am ok with that. What I have a problem with is the fact that the happenings in the lives of sports players (celebrities) take top billing. And that these are the issues that most interest people! If I were in a bad car accident would it make the news? Nah, not unless I happened to be famous or rich. There are quite a few things going on in Denver and Colorado that should have had top billing. Things that actually have an impact on peoples' lives here. What is chosen as 'news' is a bit suspect in my mind.

As for the Cambodians and all the other 'lesser' countries and their lack of interest in world events...so? Are they the currently reigning superpower? Who should be more knowledgebale (and interested) in what is going on in the world? A poverty stricken and world-powerless country like Cambodia or a country like the US whose actions (internationally and domestically) affect the entire world? We shouldn't expect parity between our country and....almost any other country, really. Who has the most power? So who should accept the most responsibility?

My issue, really, is priorities people seem to have. An injured Bronco over this C-D issue (which directly affects everyone here)? The lottery over a possible serial rapist? With so much to worry about (locally), doesn't it seem like a waste of energy to get so worked up about an entertainer?
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