Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Let the frustrations begin 

I know the world at large out there is dying to know how I'm handling being back in the States and how bad the culture shock is.

So far, it's not been too bad. Of course I've been hiding out and not being privy to what is going on outside the walls of different houses, but that's ok. I'm working my way up to being in society.

Seeing all these white people is quite odd, but not nearly as strange as being able to understand what everyone around me is saying (understanding the words at least). In a way (right now anyway) I prefer the language barrier and oblivion to the conversations taking place around me. Cars are excessively big, as are many homes. It's cold and way too dry (tropical climate to Denver in late fall is quite a change).

Fortunately for me and those around me, I feel much mellower and less argumentative than I've been in the past. This is subject to change as I emerge from isolation, but for now I have been pretty good at not starting 'discussions' when previously I would have. Sometimes it's easier to get along and not debate.

Of course once I remember how to talk normally (i.e.-not in broken, simple and slowly spoken english) to other people this may change. I'll let you know.

There is one source that has gotten me worked up already, tho only B (my old roommate) has been subject to my greatly shunted rants. And that's the tele, and all the shite that's on it. Last night we flipped around for a long while and I feel so much dumber.

Aren't fads supposed to die out? When will the reality garbage die out? Ugh. Martha Stewert has her own reality show? That's good. Gotta love famous ex-cons being rewarded for misdeeds with their own shows.

Speaking of fads, it irks me (to say the least) that producers of shows have no qualms about taking a fearful subject and beating it to death, keeping it constantly in the limelight, and finding ways to keep people frightened unnecessarily.

Of what do I speak? Terrorism and natural disasters primarily. I swear these are constant topics for way too many shows (granted, my perusal of what's on tv is more than a bit limited. Thank god). Why do so many sources feel it necessary to reinforce fear in us? The govt issuing constant warnings about terror attacks, the workings of all the anti-US sentiment the world over, etc. Tv and the printed media talking about nothing but negative events and ideas and the possibilities of something like a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

There is so much good out there, so much hope, so many reasons not to live your life in constant fear of what might happen. People called me nuts for wanting to go to Pakistan (I will get there one day): "You could get killed! It's too dangerous!" First of all, why do we think it's dangerous? Because news sources tell us that as does our govt. First of all, govts lie. All of them. They issue warnings (not an invaluable service, I'll grant that) to keep us out of harms way (which creates fewer occasions for them to exert themselves to help out their citizens overseas). But how many politicians actually have a feel for these countries? They live in walled and guarded compounds; are ferried around in escorts; perhaps many use translators (I don't know). How many (I would venture to guess very few) have been out in the remoter parts talking to the people of the country? This is why I don't believe most of the shite we're fed anymore. The attitude of the people is not often the same as the attitude of the govt. I've been thru something like 10 countries in the last year, and the anti-American sentiment was negligible (from non-Europeans). Keep in mind that three were communist countries, and at least 2 others were ex-Soviet dictatorish countries. The people were great, and loved us, actually (money makes the world go 'round).

Ramble ramble. As for Pakistan, people go there as tourists. Quite often. And the Middle East. And Cuba, all over central/South America, Africa, etc etc. I swear our govt/society/whatever is trying to scare us into not traveling. Which I guess makes sense, because then all that money is spent elsewhere and not here.....

Hm. I guess I still know how to ramble and rant. Maybe I'll reread this later and clarify it up? Hm.

As for the tv...it's insipid, silly, and unproductive for the most part. Unless you happen to be watching most anything on the BBC (the Brits have the best sense of humor! In our withdrawel from them, when did we lose ours?), the Family Guy or the Daily Show.

Stop watching tv. Read, talk, walk, play the flute.

As for me, I'm going to eat some leftover tofu scramble and skim the newspaper (haven't banged my head on the floor for a while) and try to avoid this computer for at least 20 minutes...

Don't forget South Park. They satirize a lot of the things you are unhappy with. Next week will probably be Martha's reality show.

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