Monday, October 24, 2005

Just like old times 

For the first time in quite a while, I actually went out on a Friday night (Saturday night too, but that's a tale for later)! A night out, and not to the grocery! Ah, the good life.

B and I headed to a bar down nearish my old place of work. Not bad, tho I definitely didn't feel dressy enough to be there (Not that I minded). Deciding to move closer to home, we got up and meandered down to Devon's, a local bar within walking distance of my old house, B's current house.

Nothing notable happened at the bar, except for the attractive waitress buying us a shot of something or other (it has not yet been decided if it was my stunning good looks or B's....begging, that earned us the free bevvies. Fortunately we were 'smart' enough to not question the waitress as to her intentions (gee, a bigger tip maybe?)).

It was the walk home that provided us with an entertaining tale for the evening.

Back into a dark corner I propelled myself, to ensure proper irrigation of the weeds and plants hidden therein. B, decided to assist me by grabbing hold of the air hose from the adjacent gas station and attack me with it. Unfortunately for him, I am nimble as a cat and escaped. However, the cop driving by subsequently pulled us over. That's right, we got pulled over while walking!

It was amusing, but I am still confused as to how a 16-year old was knighted as a cop. Honestly, this kid couldn't have been old enough to be a cop. He looked a bit nervous and asked us if we were trying to break into the gas station. Giggling, we explained very briefly about our escapades. Snatching our licenses he ran them thru his little cop machine and returned them once it informed him that we are harmless idiots.

Ah, good times!

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