Monday, October 31, 2005

It's Halloween 

No, I don't have any sort of costume put together, nor am I heading out to any parties tonight. Tho perhaps I should buy some candy goodness in case some little people come by dressed as scary things...

Nor did I go to any parties over the weekend. Instead, B and I hung out, hit the bar down the road (the waitress likes us. And I am sure it's for our minds and bodies and not our money...) and not much else.

Still a bit anti-social, I am. The thought of a large party-type crowd filled with strangers makes me a feel a bit claustrophobic. 'Course I haven't tried it yet so I don't really know how I'd react.


Rumor has it Vail will be charging $80 a DAY to ski there, with other areas not far behind. It really chaps my ass that these resorts are doing their best to force out the 'undesireables' (you know, people that don't make ridiculous amounts of money) and turn the mountains into a playground for the rich. I love to ski. This season (which I HOPE will see me skiing again) marks the 24th year since I learned to ski. I abhor what the sport is becoming. It's becoming a thing to say you did, a place to say you went to, instead of bonding with nature, pitting yourself against the mountains steeps and enjoying the peace of the mountains.

Although at a place like Beaver Creek (VERY hoighty toity) it's a good thing. People go there and sit at the base of the mountain to be seen, without skiing. Most of the people that do ski are not advanced skiers. Which makes it quite easy to find fresh snow on the steeps long after the last snowfall. And shorter lift lines at the lifts that serve the difficult runs, no crowds on the fun (steep) runs....

It's another beautiful Colorado day outside. Sunny, cloudless and cool. Shortly I will get up off my arse and go walk about, perhaps head off to Bocaza (my fave burritos) for some lunch. I need to get there before I leave, doncha know?

Wednesday morning at some point is when my flight heads out to San Fran. Eventually I'll get to Portland and Seattle. Should be fun, as I'll get to see some friends. And I've never seen the northwest. Don't worry, I've been forewarned, and my rain jacket is ready to go

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