Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm in shape now 

Yesterday was a big day, and today I think I'm in shape. If nothing else, I'm sore.

I began yesterday with a jog, 25 minutes worth, the first time I've run in months.

How did it go? Well. When I go long periods without running, my first time back into it leaves me feeling like a flopping formless goof. This time was no different.

Not only did I feel like I looked silly, but I had the local air to contend with. There ain't much air up here, especially after spending the last year + at sea level. The morning was chilly (to my senses), so what little air there was left my chest hurting a bit.

Then there's my body. Various members of said body took extreme umbrage at my galling efforts to get into shape. And they complained. Quite vociferously. At great length.

Bottom line-I ran, and it hurt. And still aches me.

After missing a bus coming back from lunch I decided to walk home instead of waiting an hour or so for the next one, allowing me to add a couple walking miles to my repertoire for the day.

I gotta be in shape now, right?

Round is a shape!
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