Friday, October 07, 2005

Getting better 

Whew! For now...

It seems the bastards in my stomach too at least part of the day off. The pancake for breakfast went ok, and the very spicy (and very good) red curry for lunch caused no attacks of any kind. There have been some random weird pains, but no explosive manuevers. I like that in guts.

But it was another day of sitting around, watching the white men and their hookers walk past. This phenomenon is so strange, I tell you what! Of all the couples passing by (many were seen as no movement was to be detected in my bungalow except for the turning of book pages) a VAST majority were white men with Thai hook...girlfriends. It's truly ridiculous. I am on a damn island for vacationing johns and their ladies of the night (or in the case of this place, their ladies of the week)! I don't mean to harp on this, but I do anyway. How the bored looks, incessant pleas for money, lack of talking, spaced walking and absurdity of the situation bypasses these poor galuts is beyond me.

Fine, maybe there is 'love' involved. It's possible, I supposed. It's true that girlfriends cost money, this can not be argued (unless you don't believe in spoiling a woman, instead believe that she should always pay at least half (is this a characteristic of a metrosexual? I think it is...) and are a bit of a sap...). BUT, this doesn't mean you give her a wad of cash to begin your relationship and random other wads of cash to keep it going. That just ain't right

So it be. I'll just recline in the hammock and whoop it up

In less than a week's time I'll be on a plane to the States. Of course the city I'm supposed to fly out of is inundated with typhoon rains and massive flooding....no matter. This time I'm getting out! If worse goes to worst, I'll just call Dubya and tell him that there are terrorists in my packpack and that I need some help getting them out. That oughta get a response...

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