Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The fun starts 

The real traveling now begins. Wish me luck. The crink in my neck has produced some head aches for the last couple days, and I don't know that I'll have time to get a fixing massage before I go. And my back doesn't seem to be seat friendly either so all this upcoming traveling oughta be miserable.

On the other hand, excitement abounds.

Remind me to go into further detail about the beachside bungalow I stayed in last week. It's anecdotally amusing. I have pics too, but that'll have to wait.

Peace out

Hey what's up? This is Em and Jess and we are drunk and wondering what is going on? Jess is wondrering if you have figured out your life yet? I am (Em) wondering what is up? How are you? Are you happy? Are you still dating the girlfriend who was a metrosexual? We know that Jason was married a year ago--is he happy? We are - we ar
e celebrating our birthdays! Happy Birthday to us! Let's drink some more wine to us- maybe some port instead. Can you imagine- you are in frickin China/Thailand with Angeina Jolie (with big lips) and you get this message. What a crazy world! We are not frickin nuts- we are just drunk...and great! Talk to you sometime soon (I know you email Em back).
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