Monday, October 10, 2005

Don't follow me around 

Last year, I narrowly (by a very wide margin) missed the tsunami in Thailand. Left an area hit about a month or 2 (I forget and don't feel like thinking all that much) before it hit and my girlfriend at the time planned on heading to one of the worst areas hit a week or 2 after it hit (she did not go).

Now this Pakistan earthquake hits. And the hardest hit areas are places I wanted to go thru/was going to go thru in the coming months, though these plans changed a month ago. Crazy, eh?

Whatever. I am no where close to this recent activity and am not affected at all (personally). But what a horrendous tragedy, no? Those poor people. Hearing all these earthquake stories, people buried in collapsed building stories and the like make me want to sleep in a tent under an open sky (more than I already do). Oof.

On a positive note, this may strengthen ties between India (which also saw much devestation) and Pakistan.

Sad times, to be sure. A bit frightening, no? The ferocity with which natural events have wreaked their havoc this year. An eye opener?

A broken record? Shush

Tomorrow I'll be on a bus out of here on my way to Bangkok. A night there and then I'll grab a train to Chiang Mai, avoid the flooding and fly out. Crazy times! The day of departure is fast approaching and it's still a bit surreal.

On a positive note, my ideas as to what to do with my life are shaping up and the current idea of choice is quite exciting and is something I've kicked around quite a bit the last couple years. The most difficult part of this venture is a common theme...where to find money?

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