Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We made it 

It took 26 hours of travel (assuming you include the 11 hour layover in Honolulu) and 30-40 hours without any real sleep (for me), but we are now in Bangkok.

I am tired, so this will be relatively brief. I have sleep to find.

Fun anecdotes:

Our layover in Honolulu was fun. Met up with a buddy from college. Swam in the ocean at approximately 2am, then again around 4am. It was great seeing him (even though he kept calling me Fabio) and his wife (though she went to bed early).

China Airlines? Awesome. Our plane from Taipei to Bangkok was the nicest plane I've ever been on. For gosh sakes, they had a camera showign the view from the front of the plane for landing; unfortunately I didn't notice it on all the big screens until we'd taxi'd a while. Yes, they gave us food. Lots of it. Tell me again why US based airlines suck so badly compared to other airlines?

Met a buddy's cousin who lives here, so we're staying with her. She's great tho I don't know how much she enjoyed sitting in the Indian Embassy for an hour today

Broken things:
One shoulder strap on my small backpack broke at the Honolulu airport (upon landing).
Found a hole in the front of my main pack when I was packing. Duct tape is holding it together right now.
When I retrieved my big pack in Bangkok, I found it broken. There is a strap that runs from the body of the pack to the top of the pack, holding it closed. It broke off, which means I have no secure way to close it off. I'll figure something out, don't worry.
My travel pants, which I had made in Vietnam, ripped earlier this summer. I fixed them the morning of the day we left. I tore the crotch wide open again (guess I should have used more stitches) getting into the truck to leave the house we sat for. In Hawaii.

Do all these broken thing problems mean anything? I wonder...

It's very polluted here. Has me a bit phlegmy. Not fun.

Culture shock doesn't seem to be much of a factor for me this time. I've fallen back into things very easily. That seems to reassure C and D, which is good. D for sure is a bit overwhelmed, but in a good way?

It's really hot here. I am sweating a lot. But I smell wonderfully I am sure.

I've been reminded what it's like to wander a foreign city, not knowing the language, in a desperate search to find something before it closes (the Indian Embassy). It's fun stuff!

Not much else has happened, really. I need to get a lot of reading done because once again I have entirely too much backpack space taken up with books. Ah well. So it goes, right?

Time for sleepy. Don't worry, more adventures are sure to follow...

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