Monday, September 19, 2005

A valiant attempt thwarted 

Ok, ok. Call me a front-b*tch. But it ain't on me this time!

My grand arrival home has been postponed thanks to a scheduling snafu. I felt the airline should have a flight when they said they agreed to have one, and they disagreed.

The end result is me not getting on a plane out of here until October. A bummer, as I've been looking forward to going home, but what can you do? I could have thrown a fit but my foreign language skills (esp in a relevant one) are suspect to say the least.

While waiting, I'm off to Laos. Enough time has been spent wandering aimlessly in Thailand, and the plan is to head to Laos and make full use of the 15-day visa and then head state-ward.

Stay posted, as details emerge.

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