Thursday, September 22, 2005

Still alive 

Hey all

For the record, I love Laos. Just adore this place.

Our two day boat trip from the Thailand border to Luang Prabang, Laos ended a couple hours ago. My arse still hurts from 2 days on a wooden bench. And of course I'm dehydrated and just got some food (and a Beerlao) in me (more or less the first food since breakfast).

Not a bad start to the trip. Some nice people on the boat (kind of. Too many people with the attitude that "How come what is around me isn't as nice as I'm used to? And yes, I will treat you like you are mentally impaired because you don't speak my language and should anticipate the causes of my bitching and fix it". Ah well. Patience, right?) and a stunning ride. We stopped last night in a small town on the river and had the best guesthouse. The woman running the place was so nice and cute and the balcony jutted out further than the others around, high above and over the river and what a view! Sunset was gorgeous but not as spectacular as when the moon came up and lit up the surrounding cloud smeared hills and the silvery river and trees.... breathtaking.

The boat ride was 14 or 15 hours in all which gave me plenty of time to finish my book (War and Peace. Perhaps not the happiest or best choice for a hot happy climate. It was good, but the last 40 pages left the novel bit behind and launched into essay-land.). That was exciting.

The last hour or so was water I covered almost exactly 6 months ago in my own boat with my friends. That was exciting. We are staying in the same guesthouse I stayed in back then, and the guy remembers me! He laughed and pointed out that my hair is a lot longer now...good times.

Off to find coffee or beer, I don't know yet.

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