Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sometimes it pays to know what day it is 

Why is this post titled as it is? Let me tell you.
Being a bit clueless as to the day of the week is fun, as is not knowing the date and sometimes even the month currently occupied.
Sometimes it's good to at least check.
Half an hour into our train ride down here we almost got booted. Our assumption was that our seats had been double booked. The conductor pointed out that our tickets were in fact for the day before. Having not known the actual date, we didn't notice that tho we'd asked for tickets on Sept 8 we'd been given tix for the 7th. Oops.
Fortunately they didn't kick us off but let us sit in the area by the doors (and bathrooms). Not too uncomfortable for the remaining 6 hours of the trip, and much better than having to buy new tickets.
Now we're lazing a bit in this small oceanside town. Haven't done much of anything. Today we're off to see some things and tomorrow morning around 4am we'll head back to Bangkok then up north tomorrow night.

As for me, the cold is way better (I'm no longer hacking all day long) and my arms are healing. They look much better, but today they itch like hell. Must mean the are healing quicker, right?

Got a Thai massage yesterday. $5 for an hour, and it felt good! Can't wait to get another one. Maybe I'll splurge today...

Unfortunately, since I no longer reach the end of the day exhausted from coughing and hacking, the insomnia has returned. It's hella-fun to spend hours trying to fall asleep in muggy heat with itching arms...ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Mind plans keep shifting and morphing and no set plan has been decided upon nor set in motion. Excitement for movement has me quite tittilated.

Asia is still fun and the people here are incredibly nice. Got a free head of garlic in the market (eaten raw is not the loveliest snack, but good for health) and smiles abound. There are monkeys all over this place as well, and they crack me up. Might take one on (a baby, so as to train it from it's beginning stages and indebt it to me for life) as an additional travel companion. Wish me luck

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