Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I remember! 

What I wanted to discuss yesterday wasn't really important, so I hope you haven't been sitting on tenterhooks waiting for my feeble brain to kick back in and remember my lost thought.

It hit me as I sat down and began reading last night (a book of Edward Abbey's essays). This reading Ed Abbey bit has me jonesin' even more to get home. I want to get to Utah! It's not impossible that I could get out there for a short backpack before winter really hits, except for the fact that I am still in Asia and all my camping gear is in Chicago.

There are mountains all around us, and boy am I excited to get 'home' and into the hills again!

But, that doesn't mean that I am not enjoying Laos. Somehow I've made it back to being able to enjoy the moment (most of the time). Part of that, I think, is the excitement of knowing I am heading home soon.

Word out

you can borrow my camping stuff. but i wouldn't hurry to get here if i were you. the country is just weird. (but at least YOU have an american accent so everyone won't open conversations by asking what country you're from!) eat a coconut for me!
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