Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Good bye lungs 

Yup, it's for certain now. Gots me a nice little brewing cold. Hit the pisser-room this morning and when I came out after hacking up lots of little lovelies, the looks I got frmo C and D clued me in as to how non-discreet I'd been. Gah! Love this stuff! At least it's hotter and humidder than hell. That makes it better.

Yesterday, in fact, I did my utmost to burn the cold out of me. I sat in the lobby of the place we are staying and ordered a hot and spicy vegetable soup. Holy hell was it hot! As I am sure I have mentioned at some point, hot at home does not compare to Thai hot. All the workers were laughing their asses off at me and D (he decided to chip in and help). I was sweating and crying and snotting...it was ugly. But so tasty! And ineffective. It was worth a try though. C sat there and laughed along with the staff at our pain. Builds character though, ya know?

Today has been a non-day. The other two have no desire to get out and about at all so we've spent the morning packing and sitting around. Our train is at 1pm so I guess it won't be that much longer until we leave for the train station, and I am glad. The last thing I feel like doing is sitting around. Even with this stupid cold. Perhaps I will sit on the pedestrian overpass and watch the chaos that is the traffic of this city; cars and numerous scooters and motorcycles weaving their breathless and dangerous dance. It's fun to watch and I'd love to get my own scooter and play in it with the rest of the populace. Maybe that will be my swan song from this trip to Asia...

And to make my physical state that much more comedic, I look like I have the plague. I am allergic to something plant-y, so for most of the summer I wore long sleeve shirts at work to keep from getting the itchy red pus-y rash on my arms that I dread. My lack of attention has done me in. A few days before leaving it began growing, and now my left arm from wrist to elbow is muchly dotted and red (on the underside only), my right arm shows signs, and my stomach also suffers (right at the belt line too, which feels great, let me tell you).

Recap-I am itchy, hacking and stuffy headed, my gear is breaking down (I keep finding holes in my clothes), and I am plotting and not looking forward to a break-away conversation (let me say just now that I am sick as hell of goodbyes. The last year has contained too many and it gets old, ya know?).

But it's ok. I am enjoying being here and I have many ideas up my sleeve that will be exciting and fun (how much fun will be retrospective has yet to be determined).

And believe it or not, tho I have no plane ticket yet, my return date is pretty well known. By me. And no, I won't divulge that information. What's the fun in that?

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