Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wrong again 

As I should have assumed, there was a reason for the most recent irritating actions undertaken by the Bs.

A nearby farm was robbed recently-a few bags of coffee beans were stolen. And the guy(s) actually drove his truck down onto the farm (the house is hidden, and the owner is old and not very mobile) and was picking coffee cherry from the tree! Astounding.

This event made the rounds, of course, and She-B got paranoid. The truck was blocking the way down to the farm, and the lower studio was locked in response as well. Maybe. Another version (told to me by C today, who saw the Bs at some coffee event in town) was that the studio is locked to keep it clean. Whatever the reason, my beer is being held hostage in there! And that ain't right

Hitch hiked back from town today. Took about an hour and half and five rides but I made it. My last ride was from an ex-con. Went to jail for growing lots o' mary-ju-wana on his farm here some years ago. I tell you what, I wish he'd picked me up sooner or that I'd had further to go because it was interesting as hell talking to him! Maybe next time

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