Saturday, August 06, 2005

What a send-off 

C left today. After working at our second farm this morning/afternoon we drove her into town and her time here is done.

Remember my story about her 'going away dinner' the other night? Her good-bye went about as well. Before heading out this morning she walked into the main house to say good-bbye to the Bs. D and I stayed outside. Seems that it was the most uncomfortable thing she's done in a while. She-B glared at her the entire time, saying nothing. Until C was headed out the door then she said something like "bye", and nothing more. He-B, told a few of his stories and told C that she could come back and help pick some beans if she gets bored.

They didn't even pretend.

Why is this, you might ask? Well, there are a couple reasons that they may be in a bad mood these last couple days (which have nothing to do with us), but it's more than that. The poor girl never stood a chance simply because she has dreadlocks and is a vegan. That's all. If they had taken the time to get to know her, they'd have realized that she doesn't fit their stereotype for vegan dredded hippie types (not good, in their mind). Instead they treated her poorly.

Looks don't mean anything, right? So we're told. But too many people don't actually believe that. One look tells them all that they want to know. A certain appearance makes them think a certain way, and instead of investigating to see if their assumptions are groundless or not, they don't take the time. Pathetic.

Reminds me of the British guy R and I met in Chiang Mai (Thailand). He has never met an American (US) he likes and doesn't like the US. BUT, he knew we were from the States and made a point of sitting down to talk to us. And he talked to us in a very friendly way, and was in no way negative towards us. He wanted to find out if his feelings were correct or not. Now THAT is the way more people should be. Judge based on the person, not where they are from or what they look like.

Hell, my brother and most of his friends are covered with tattoos. No, they are not worthless lazy or scary. They are hard-working and very nice folk.

Back to the point. If the Bs take D and I out for dinner on my last night, I'll be asking some questions about their lack of any recognition about C (and all the hard work she did here). Usually my mouth is fairly well-behaved, but this has me pretty hacked. It's not just C, it's their attitude about all people/things organic and earth-based.

They never should have bought an organic farm, and they should NOT advertiese for 'interns' amongst the organic crowd. Their minds are not open enough.

Thank gods it's the weekend. I'm sleeping in tomorrow

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