Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Take me back 

I'm listening to 2000 Light Years Away (Green Day) and it's making me think of high school. And driving around in the old Chevy Caprice, crappy tape playing this (and many other 'good driving songs') song entirely too loud.

And apple pie. No idea why that popped into my head

No work tomorrow. Can't wait to sleep in, lounge around in the AM and eat breakfast, drink coffee and then head up north to check out some sights and scamper around some beaches.

He may be whacked out, a complete tyrant, and possibly not a nice man. But Turkmenistan's President cracks my shite up. How many leaders have the balls to declare themselves President for Life, rename streets and towns in his honor, rename months after their family members, closes all hospitals except the one in the capital, gives gold watches to all country inhabitants (I have no physical proof of this, only stories), and order the building of an ice palace in the heart of the country (one of the hottest on earth). Points for originality! (Note: Turkmenistan has many interesting neighbors: Iran on the west, Afghanistan to the south, and Russia to the north. Kazakhstan hits its east side, I believe). Ooh, this is an interesting article. Note the passage about Kofi Annan and the all-(im)potent UN:

Rachel Denber, head of Human Rights Watch for Central Asia, said she found it baffling that even at the level of the United Nations, there was a failure to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.

"Kofi Annan went to Turkmenistan in October and toasted the president. I think that people were bitterly disappointed by that lack of acknowledgement," she said.

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