Thursday, August 18, 2005

Status check 

Here I sit, borken hearthed had to sit but only frated.

So it goes.

Natty light
New PBR hat
New Ipod. Hank Williams just queued up. Not needed right now
Moved on. Better now
Royal Enfield; India to London. Good idea? Perhaps not. Fun? Of course. The only matter
Joyce is done. On to Kafka.
No work tomorrow. Finally. Making vegan biscuits and gravy (won't compare to those at the Triple XXX) for bfast. Coffee, sleeping in, can't wait. Maybe a beach. Meditation for sure.
Too many damn cats
But no mutes. Hallelujah!
Kriss Kross. "I missed the bus". 'Nuff said? I think so
Politicians are assholes. The people attracted, or a byproduct of the job? Hm
Series coming up on here about coffee production. Pics and all. Stay tuned.
The blind cat just ran across my feet. Not sure what to do 'bout that. Is he hitting on me?
Where's a good dog when you need one? For the love of...
Hello, Norway!

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