Sunday, August 07, 2005

Save the world? 

An interesting article on a scientist working to solve the planet's energy woes. These articles can be a bit frightening at times; the predictions made for energy needs and pollution levels in 50 years are so are quite frightening. Of course it's all numbers and guestimates and we won't really know until the time comes, but still...

In 50 years, where will us antisocial/anti-crowded places people go? Will we have a place? Hopefully somewhere physical will be findable. I can only spend so much time receded back into my own head. It's not a safe place to stay for too long.

A teaser from the article:

A U.S. chemist is trying to determine how the world will produce enough energy to supply 9 billion people by mid-century — and whether that can be done without pumping off-the-charts amounts of carbon dioxide into the air.


Nocera cites a calculation by Caltech chemist Nathan Lewis that power demands in 2050 will be so great that just to keep carbon dioxide emissions at twice preindustrial levels, a nuclear plant would have to be built every two days. There's not enough room on the planet's surface for other widely touted solutions such as wind and biomass to have much impact.


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