Friday, August 26, 2005

Road trip 

Spent the other day (technically now, 2 days ago) driving all around the northwest part of the island. Saw some pretty views, drank some coffee and ate some Mexican food. At times it was almost nerve-wracking thanks to a little red truck with a propensity for overheating, but I nursed the little one and we made it without any hissy fits.


A coastline/valley view. Many, actually. Hawaii does that sort of scenery really well.

Had some coffee in the small town of Hawi while watching the world (and tourists) walk by and doing the crossword (my best effort at the NY Times puzzle).

The area up to and around Hawi was awesome. Lots of trees, small houses, no traffic. Beautiful green hillsides, colorful flowers. Very peaceful. Reminded me a bit of driving up into northern Kauai. A quiet relaxing place. Not sure how all the people passing us could still be in such a hurry when everything around bespoke of quiet, relaxation and no need to hurry. Too bad.

Our road took us high enough to see the top of Mauna Kea above it's low lying cloud layer. Which means we had a great view of the many observatories and telescopes at the top. Pretty amazing to see.

On the final approach back to the house we stopped at a beach. Frolicked in the water, ate lunch #2 and reclined in the sun. It was a nice quiet beach. Calm water, rock formations out in the water. The beach itself was segmented by tree patches which gave it the impression of being less crowded than it was. Everyone there (except us) had a dog, and brought him/her along. I looked sexy as hell in my new bikini

Ended the day with a gin and tonic on the front porch of the house watching sunset.

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