Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pot luck fun 

The pot luck dinner tonight was held at an organic coffee farm up the mountain. What fun it was! Lots of people showed up, lots of chatting, lots of good food. And for the first time in a long time (just over 3 months?) I felt like a normal person, social even, around a large group of people. That was wild.

Ended up swapping stories with a girl who I (we) may have seen in Asia. She traveled thru Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. She biked thru Cambodia, and we went to a lot of the same places. It was a lot of fun to talk about the trip, regardless of the pangs that seared my stomach.

Good times. Made the excitement for this upcoming trip grow a bit. Some people thought we were a bit nuts in our excited jabber, but it was nice. It's fun to talk about travels, especially when such excitement is shown.

A long ride with the Bs up and back. One more day....

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