Friday, August 19, 2005

New things aren't bad 

Not working for an entire day. That is something I could get used to (again). Today there was no work to get done, and it was glorious! Instead my path crossed a thrift shop (found a copy of 'Ishmael' for $0.50. Awesome), the library (many more books), and the couch.

And last but not least, a meditation session.

Meditating is something I have never done before, but in recent months my interest has been piqued and I've wanted to try it out. Now I had a (free) chance! I went in wondering if I would like it, what I would get out of it, and whether or not it would be possible for me to sit still for an extended period of time. Turns out, I can sit still, amazingly enough! There was a 25 minute session, a five-minute 'walking' session, another 25 minutes sitting, more walking, and a final 25 minutes. So for an hour an a half, I was silent, my brain was working (more lucidly than is typical), and I sat still!

And I'll tell you what: I really enjoyed it! It wasn't easy, and keeping my mind focused on one thing was...well, not entirely possible but it was good to try. It may seem like a strange activity, but it was great!

It's something I'll have to do more often. This is a good start for me. Now I can go over to Asia and hopefully take some classes or 'study' somewhere and not go in cold.

Gotta work again tomorrow. Not looking forward to that.

p.s.-the vegan biscuits and gravy actually turned out really well and were quite tasty this morning. Of course I am a stellar cook-type so that didn't hurt...

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